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mixed cellulose ester membrane

  • Preconcentration and determination of heavy metals in water, sediment and biological samples

    Preconcentration and determination of heavy metals in water, sediment and biological samples

    A b s t r a c t

    In this study, a simple, sensitive and accurate column preconcentration method was developed for the determination of Cd, Cu and Pb ions in river water, urine and sediment samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The procedure is based on the retention of the analytes on a mixed cellulose ester membrane (MCEM) column from buffered sample solutions and then their elution from the column with nitric acid. Several parameters, such as pH of the sample solution, volume of the sample and eluent and flow rates of the sample were evaluated. The effects of diverse ions on the preconcentration were also investigated. The recoveries were >95 %. The developed method was applied to the determination of trace metal ions in river water, urine and sediment samples, with satisfactory results. The 3δ detection limits for Cu, Pb and Cd were found to be 2, 3 and 0.2 μg dm-3, respectively. The presented procedure was successfully applied for determination of the copper, lead and cadmium contents in real samples, i.e., river water and biological samples.






    Hamid Shirkhanloo, Ahmad Rouhollahi and Hassan Zavvar Mousavi


     The developed procedure is very simple, sensitive and shows high tolerance to interference ions. Due to its good analytical characteristics, such as detection limit, enrichment factor and precision, the method is suitable for trace element analysis. In addition, no modification or functionalization of the employed adsorbent is required. The recoveries of the studied analytes were nearly quantitative. The accuracy of the results was verified by analyzing a certified reference material and spiked water samples. The recoveries for these elements were very satisfactory, which evidence for the reliability of the proposed method in the analysis of real samples.

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     lead; copper; cadmium; mixed cellulose ester membrane; preconcentration

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